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Owner Financing

Financing In Mexico With a slow housing market trending the real estate world and economic uncertainty glooming over millions, Baja real estate developers may yet attract buyers with purchasing plans very much within their affordable grasp.

Baja Real Estate Group
is now offering easy Owner Financing. Click for more details about financing in Mexico .

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Elite Home Listings - Baja Real Estate For Sale No two properties are exactly alike. There are some that are more luxurious than others, some may have features others don't, location maybe different, view, design, decor, layout, materials... So many factors to consider when looking for the perfect home.

But there are a select few that clearly stand aside from the rest. From the most amazing location to the incredible detail in decor and design. We like to call these Elite Homes .


Baja Rentals - Vacation Rentals The very best Baja beach rentals in the best private communities in Northern Baja. If you're planning for a weekend getaway or even a summer vacation you've come to the right place. From spacious beachfront properties for the entire family to discrete romantic villas right by the water for honeymooners or couples.

Short term or long term, furnished or unfurnished we are sure you'll find the right home in our listings. If you don't see something right away, send us an email, we'll be happy to help you find it. See our Baja Rentals .
Riviera Baja, the new it destination for Americans
  • The number of American visitors to the Rosarito-Ensenada Strip has been steadily increasing
  • Savvy real estate buyers have been choosing Baja over other coastal towns in the U.S. and Baja California
With a milder weather than the rest of Baja and California´s famed Beach Cities, the strip between Rosarito and Ensenada has become the hot spot for Americans seeking to invest in a second home or vacation place, or simply to escape the hustle and bustle of life.

Riviera Baja, the new “it” destination for Americans | Mexico Real Estate“This is the right choice for us”, says Matthew, an L.A. business man who recently purchased in Club Marena. "In this area you can find world class restaurants, the wine country, golf and cultural activities". It's not only Rosarito, Ensenada also has beautiful condos such as Santa Barbara, a private residential complex featuring hotel concierge service, restaurant-bar, swimming pools, a golf course and tennis courts, set in a backdrop of rugged mountains and sea. Countless trails surround the community, inviting residents to jog, hike or bike.

Matt´s is not an isolated story, but part of a trend. Lorraine M., a retired physician from Washington, says: "We briefly considered moving to Florida, now that our kids are in college. But we figured in Mexico we could stretch our retirement funds further. Here we can really enjoy the best of both worlds. Affordable living, medical care and even maid services. And when we feel like it we just hop in the car and go shopping in San Diego."
Mexico Real Estate Testimonial - Buying A Home And Living in Mexico

Why I choose to live in Northen Baja California
Written By: Tomas Dolcini

Since I was a child growing up in a predominately Spanish-speaking neighborhood, my dream had always been to buy a home and live in Mexico, preferably by the ocean.

Mexico Real Estate in BajamarOn May 6, 2011, that dream came true for me and I signed off the escrow paperwork for my beautiful Mexican-style villa in a Golf Resort called Bajamar located in Ensenada .

The entire experience was an adventure for me. Having purchased a home here in the United States, I was somewhat familiar with how a real estate purchase worked, but was unfamiliar with the Mexican laws. I had heard that Americans could not purchase property along the Baja Peninsula and could only lease for 99 years, so that concerned me. I wanted to reside in Mexico, but be close to the United States, so my family and friends could easily visit. I never thought in a million years I would be able to afford a home with an ocean view in Mexico, because homes with ocean views in the United States cost over one million dollars.

I decided to do some research and stumbled across a website titled www.owninginmexico.com . I was blessed to have found that website. This website had links with thorough explanations to all the various developments in Baja California , and lots of pictures to see what I was up against. I was flabbergasted at the inexpensive prices that were totally within my budget. I made a phone call to ask some questions and spoke with Kathy Katz . She was very enthusiastic and answered all of my questions in a friendly and professional manner. I enjoyed the conversation so much and hung up feeling so positive, that I booked a flight and headed out for Baja that same week to look for houses.

Kathy and I connected immediately and our relationship became more than just a buyer-agent situation. I can honestly say from the heart that we instantly became “friends.” She made me feel so welcomed, like I had known her for years. She was so knowledgeable and explained the pros and cons of each development we had looked at. Her honesty and integrity is what won me over.

Mexico Real Estate: Message From Max Katz - Broker - Owner Baja Real Estate Group
Hello. I'm Max Katz Broker / Owner of the Baja Real Estate Group and today I will share with you a our snapshot of the real estate market in Baja for 2011 and a few of our goals for 2012.

Mega-Development on Percebu Lagoon South of San Felipe
Spanish investors from the Investment Corporation known as Inveravante, pitched their projects to Mayor Enrique Pelayo Torres, the current Ensenada Mayor, who promised his support if all the requirements are met.

Rancho PercebuENSENADA, B.C. Spanish investors are planning the construction of a mega-development for tourists in the grounds near Percebu Lagoon, in the northeast cost of Ensenada in waters from the High Gulf of California, just a few miles south of San Felipe.

The development project includes the construction of a hotel, a residential zone and a golf course, within an area of about 2,470 acres.
Manuel Rodríguez Gonzalez, spokesman for Inveravante, the company that is promoting the project, had a recent meeting with Ensenada’s Major Enrique Pelayo Torres and his peers for the presentation of the project.

Rodriguez Gonzalez explained that due to the beauty of the area and warm weather there is plenty of interest from Spain for that place and pointed out that the intention is to build it minimizing any environmental impact. He said that they’re currently in a pre-project phase and if they were to acquire all the permits for the authorities and meet all requirements and due diligences established by the Mexican authorities, they will proceed to direct inversion.

How to buy Mexican Real Estate Using Bank Trust

How to buy Mexican real estate using Bank trust, "Fideicomiso"

How to buy Mexican real estate using Bank trust, Mexico Real Estate is always in high demand especially among American citizens. There are some laws that any foreigner interested in buying Real Estate in Mexico should be familiar with. Under Mexican law, foreigners may obtain direct Ownership of Mexican property in the interior of Mexico; however foreigners cannot acquire direct ownership of residential property within the area 100 kilometers from the border and 50 kilometers from the coastline. This zone in Mexico is known as the "Restricted Zone". But there is an another safe and completely legal way to purchase and enjoy Mexican property in the restricted zone through a Bank Trust or "Fideicomiso" which has been authorized by the Government of Mexico. Fideicomiso and is the legal equivalent of deeded ownership (commonly referred to in the U.S. as fee simple)

Earlier, foreigners were barred from owning Property in Mexico but with the passing of the North American Free Trade Agreement beginning in January 1, 1994, the Foreign Investment Act of 1993 was passed by the Mexican congress to promote foreign investment into Mexico. This law allowed foreigners to own 100% of the shares of a corporation and purchase property. As a foreigner, you can acquire irrevocable and absolute ownership rights to Mexico Real Estate through a Bank Trust which can be renewed every 50 years without restriction, perpetually and is irrevocable.  The rights to the Bank Trust can be transferred to a third party as well. This enabled foreigners, as beneficiaries of the trusts, to legally enjoy unrestricted use of land located in the restricted area.

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