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Baja California is a beautiful state, located in the Northwest part of Mexico. It borders west with the Pacific Ocean. To the east are the calm waters of the sea of Cortez, it borders south with Southern Baja California and to the north with the United States of America, making it an ideal place for visiting American tourists and retirees seeking a better lifestyle due to the purchasing power of the American dollar versus a declining Mexican peso.

Baja California is famous for its beaches, gastronomy and unique natural attractions. Each Baja California city is unique with important geographical differences. Rosarito Beach is totally ocean front, not only preferred by surfers who seek good wave breaks and baby boomers looking to retire to an affordable beach front setting but it's also host to large galleries, furniture artisans and sea food like the Puerto Nuevo lobster. Mexicali is mainly a desert with calm beaches in San Felipe and high temperatures throughout the year. Ensenada is famous for its large marena, sea food and points of interest like the Guadalupe Valley and La Bufadora.

Every where you go you will find adventure, fun and lots of things to do and taste!

 This movie is part of the collection:
 Academic Film Archive of North America
Baja California  the Pacific Coast of Mexico (1949 Historic Video)
Johnson is another "lost filmmaker, who worked out of Coronado, California. This film boasts beautiful color footage of old Baja, before Pemex stations lined the Cuota and Libre. Hunt travels from Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas, enchantingly stopping at the waterless village of Magdalena Bay, Tortuga Bay, and the vineyards at Santo Tomás.

Director: Silas Johnson
Producer: Silas Johnson
Production Company: Johnson Hunt Productions
Sponsor: Castellano Family Foundation
Audio/Visual: sound, color

Baja California Cities

 Rosarito Beach
Rosarito Beach - Baja California The city of Rosarito Beach belongs to the state of Baja California in the Northern part of Mexico, just 18 miles south from Tijuana. Rosarito is the newest city in Baja California. Born to a municipality in 1995 with the help of wise visionaries like Hugo Torres Chabert (current city Major), who foresaw and promoted the potential gains as an independent city. Rosarito then became the fastest growing entity not only in Baja California but in México as well.
Ensenada Baja California With a territory extending from the Pacific Ocean to the Sea of Cortez, a wide variety of natural attractions covering a landscape that includes beaches, deserts, valleys and mountain ranges, the most varied micro climates in northern Baja, a historical heritage found in its buildings, missions and caves, not to mention Mexico’s known friendly atmosphere, Ensenada has a lot to offer. Whether you are an outdoor type, a water sports fan, a wine enthusiast, a nature lover, a sailor or just into history, Ensenada has just the place for you.
Mexicali - Baja California Mexicali, is the capital city of the Mexican State Northern Baja California, it is the north most city in Latin America, located in the northwest side of Mexico (32° 40´ North - 115° 28´ West), and it borders north with Calexico, California, USA. The city is called “the city that captured the sun” due to the high temperatures that every year reach 50°C (around 122 °F) during the summer.
Tecate - Baja california The municipality of Tecate is part of the Estate of Baja California in Mexico. According to the Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Información e Informática, INEGI (National Institute of Statistics, Information and Informatics), in the 2005 census it had a population of 91,021.It borders south with the municipality Ensenada, to the east with the municipality of Mexicali and to the west with the municipality of Tijuana. These three borders are within the Mexican Estate of Baja California. To the north it borders with the U.S.
Tijuana - Baja california Tijuana is the most heavily populated city in the state of Baja California. It is known in many places as the Mexican corner or the door to Mexico and to Latin America. It is found at 32° 31' 30" Northern latitude and at 117° West latitude. Its northern boundary stretches through 26.4 miles with San Diego County (California), to the south it borders with the cities of Rosarito Beach and Ensenada, Tecate in the east and to the West with the Pacific Ocean.
 San Felipe
San Felipe - Baja California San Felipe is a port of the Mexicali municipality in Baja California, Mexico. It is localized within the 31º01'39" N and the 114º50'07" W coordinates. It’s mostly known for being a tourist destiny due to the warm beaches of el Mar De Cortez. Its population, according to the 2005 census, stands at 14,831.

Baja California Communities

 Playas Communities
 Real Del Mar
Real Del Mar - Country Club Hidden away in between hills next to the Pacific Ocean about 15 minutes south of the San Ysidro Border, you will find a community that is well suited for retirees or families; its location is great for commuters or people who travel to San Diego often. Real del Mar Golf Resort and Country Club has been considered one of the safest communities in northern Baja, and the residents are working hard to keep it that way by creating a Security Committee in 2007 and establishing regulations to ensure the safety and peace of mind of residents and homeowners.
 Rosarito Beach Communites
 Calafia Condos - Featured
Calafia Condos Resort & Villas - Baja Condos According to an old legend, Calafia was the Amazon warrior Queen of a mythical island named California. She was said to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Calafia today is one of the most established communities in the Baja area. Developed in such a way that allows you to experience the beauty of both the Pacific and Baja, residents enjoy gorgeous sunrises and sunsets all year long. Breathtaking wall to wall views, granite kitchens, travertine bathrooms, Mexican tile flooring and an array of community appointments allow for residents to simply relax and enjoy the surroundings.
 Palacio del Mar - Featured
Palacio Del Mar - Resort & Spa Discover Palacio del Mar a ten acre beach front property amongst the breathtaking surroundings of El Descanso, Rosarito. Nestled between the blue Pacific Ocean and the majestic Rosarito mountains, you will find Palacio del Mar, a development so stunning you"ll want to make it your home. One of Mexico's finest seaside resorts, Palacio del Mar is designed for exceptional living. It offers you the possibility of owning a home away from the hustle of city life yet with all the modern conveniences you have been looking for.
 Club Marena
Club Marena Baja Resort A residential resort located between Rosarito Beach and Ensenada, with private access to the popular surf spot at Baja K38 (km 38). Club Marena has been around since 1990, with initially a few villas, it success has been such that the developer has made 4 expansions in the past 18 years, making it a great Baja real estate investment. Apart from the villas, the resort now includes 5 towers, the newest of these being the Punta Marena Complex, which was just completed this , past year. Weather in the villas or the towers you get a breath taking view of the ocean that you just have to see to believe.
 Las Gaviotas
Las Gaviotas in Baja - Ocean Front Community Las Gaviotas in was established more than 30 years ago yet still remains Baja's first choice for a vacation get-away, a second home or the ultimate retirement spot. Imagine 298 homes built strategically along the Pacific Ocean with every home offering the charm of Baja, remarkable one-of-a-kind views that look out over traditional red roof tiles, palm trees swaying in the breeze, gentle waves crashing on the shore, and an occasional surfer or fishing boat. These homes have simply amazing views from both the inside and from the spacious outdoor terraces.
 Las Ventanas
Las Ventanas Baja Private Ocean Front Comunity Design with luxury in mind, the greatest attention to detail, state of the art construction and top quality materials; Las Ventanas is the first project completed by a U.S. developer in northern Baja, the Waterfront Development Company, it has set a new standard for luxury beach front living since 2006.  Inspired by Mediterranean villas, this private gated residential community, with its Hacienda style exterior wall and guard house, earth tone color palette with red ceramic tile roof tops and serene ambiance, will make you feel like you’re a world away from the city, you might just forget you are in Baja.
 Mision Viejo
Mision Viejo Baja - Ocean Front Community Misión Viejo launched over 15 years ago offering the lucky people that purchased a lot in this Ocean front community the opportunity to create and build their own piece of Baja Real Estate. Misión Viejo Baja is home to some of the largest ocean front homes on the coast of Northern Baja, taking on its own Mexican charm as a community.Many of the homes are built around court yards, multi levels with views, nature and of course the Pacific Ocean.
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 Ensenada Communities
Bajamar - Ocean Front Community & Golf Resort Living on a beach front resort is something many of us fantasize about, no matter the age. The smell of the sea in the air, the ocean a few steps away, the sound of waves in the background while reading a book or falling a sleep, will sometimes  make your imagination run wild considering a life in a place where your day begins and ends with the crash of a wave.

Baja Points of Interest
If you've never been to Baja before chances are you heard of hese places regardless. Baja is filled with points of interest from North to South and back. Places like the Gudalupe Valley, K38 Surf Spot right by the 100 ft. tall Jesus Chirst Statue, La Bufadora in Ensenada, El mirador, Xploration Studios and many more will soon be featured here.

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The Guadalupe Valley - Baja’s Wine Route and Valleys - Ensenada
The Guadalupe Valley - Baja’s Wine Route and Valleys There aren’t that many places in Mexico where the combination of land, altitude, seasons, time and weather come together in such a way as to give the ideal Mediterranean conditions for the growing of grape vines, olives, refreshing citrus fruits as well as the collection of honey. One such area is located between the parallels 32o35 and 31o15 North Latitude in the region known as the Wine Route; where not only the Guadalupe Valley (Valle de Guadalupe) but also San Antonio de las Minas, Santo Tomas, Calafia, San Vicente, Las Palmas, and the Tecate valleys extend perpendicular to Baja’s Pacific Coast.
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