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Written by Alejandra Esquivel   

Baja Pharmacies

Baja PharmaciesFrom brand names to generic, longstanding local pharmacies to state and national chain pharmacies, it will never be hard to find where to buy your medication.

If possible ask your doctor for a written prescription for the generic name of the drug to bring with you; even though you can get some medications with out a prescription other do require it.

It’s still important to consider that according to US Customs any personal supply of medications that you take with you to the US must be declared to customs, you must also have a valid prescription from a US doctor in your name. The amount of medication allowed is 50 doses combined or a 3 moth supply. When ever possible keep the medications in the originally-dispensed container.

Tip: visit www.cvp.gov and go to
Travel/U.S. Citizens/Lawful Permanent Residents/ Know Before You Go 
For information on this and other subjects.

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