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Kathy's Real Estate Round Up
Kathy's Real Estate Round Up Kathy's Real Estate Roundup is a real estate blog written by Kathy Katz, Broker and Owner of the Baja Real Estate Group. The blog focuses on foreigners buying real estate in Baja California and its lifestyle. Right now It's currently being featured as a column in the Rosarito English Newspaper Baja Times.

Living In Rosarito A smooth ride
Choosing the right location makes adjustment much easier for expats

Owning a home in Mexico is very different from owning home in the US. Contrary to what many people think, many daily tasks are actually easier South of the Border. And of course, the cost of living in Mexico is much lower than in the U.S.

Living In Rosarito, A smooth ride - Kathy's Real Estate Round UpPeople interested in retiring or buying a vacation home in Mexico frequently ask our agents at BREG how “things work” here. Here are some these questions, and their answers:

How much will I pay in property taxes in Rosarito?

The median annual Property Tax for our clients´ homes is around $250 dollars –roughly the cost of a night-out in L.A.

How do I go about paying my Property Tax?
These taxes are paid yearly at the local City Hall building (called Palacio Municipal). And while at it, remember to ask if you are eligible for the senior discount. You should not rely on getting a payment notice in your mailbox. Mexican mail service is notoriously slow, so you are better of marking your calendar.

Settling In Baja
You´ve owned your home in BAJA for a year… And life is just getting better and better.
Settling in BajaYou took a chance. You decided to retire abroad… to reinvent your life. And now that you´ve owned a home in Baja for year there is no doubt: moving to Rosarito was one of the best decisions in your life.

At first, naturally, there were some jitters. Where would you go for groceries, or medical care? How would you navigate the language barrier? Would you often need –or want, to go across to the U.S.? Would you feel homesick or alone?

But as time´s gone by, every one of these concerns has been eroded, and replaced by one pleasant surprise after another.
Your social life is active and rewarding. You´ve found many like minded expats who are now enjoying a full life here –and very willing to share their friendship with you.

And those friends and family members that used to come for dinner back in the States, now visit you in Baja, and stay the week.  You all joke about how owning an oceanfront property in Baja has boosted your popularity index…. But the truth is, it´s a lovely way to reconnect, and enjoy and share this wonderful place.
What does it take to feel at home in Baja?
Make sure to ask the right questions when buying real-estate in Rosarito.

Buying Homes in Baja“Home is where the heart is” dictates conventional wisdom.

But in reality, it takes a lot to make a heart feel at home: Friends, a sense of belonging, of spending time in a meaningful way.
Granted, a home by the ocean for less than $300,000 is a good way to start.

But, buying a home in Rosarito is so much more than acquiring a beautiful property with phenomenal ocean views.

Since the majority of American retirees and vacation homeowners opt for gated communities and condos, it is important to ask the right questions in order to make sure you will be able to thrive and enjoy your new environment:
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