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How To Get An Advantage Negotiating On A Great Baja Real Estate Find

How to get an advantage negotiating on a great Baja real estate findSo you finally find your dream beachfront  home within one of the best Baja Communities and what's better, at an amazing price. Here are a few tips that can help you gain the upper-hand when negotiating the price on that special Baja property .
  1. Keep in mind that there are no perfect homes in the market unless you are prepared to pay the price for them, fix some details or better yet, construct your own.
  2. Write down your necessities, features and things that you want, on that same list mark things down that you can live or do without. This will get rid of uncertainty, indecision and evade buyer’s guilt.
  3. Act swiftly when you come across a good Baja real estate deal . Waiting will only craft more opportunities for contending offers.
  4. Once you've found what you want, get a market analysis (CMA - comparable market analysis) of properties sold in the last three or six months, your Baja real estate Agent will be more than happy to help you get this information. The nearer the comparables are to the existing market the more precise your offer will be.
  5. Resolve your financial reach - how high are you prepared to go and be at ease with the payments (See our Loan Caculator).
  6. Write down your best offer, price and stipulations. Stay away from multiple offer situations by being the first to take the advantage and get it under contract. This isn't the time to be undecided and play guessing games.
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