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More Options For Health And Medical Insurance

More Options For Health And Medical InsuranceFor people looking to relocate to Northern Baja California one of their primary concerns is health care, and even though some mayor U.S. insurance providers offer plans that cover medical care in Baja , it is possible that it is not the coverage your are looking for or require. What to do about health insurance coverage then?

There are several companies that offer international medical health insurance for expatriates, meaning that if you are living outside from your home country, whether for business, retirement or because you simply like it there, you will be covered. All of them offer different levels of coverage with different premiums and deductibles, with optional medical evacuation and repatriation packages.

Some of these companies are:

International Citizens.com
Owned by Envisage International Corporation and based in Florida, International Citizens.com has been online since 2001 offering international health insurance and other services for expatriates. They offer three different international insurance plans for expatriates, their International Health and Hospital Plan (IHHP) allows you to tailor you plan to what you require with 4 different modules that cover from non-hospitalization medical benefits to medical evacuation and repatriation you can decide what you need. The Integra Global Personal Health Plan includes in and out patient coverage, maternity, prescriptions, vision, dental and more. Their Citizens Secure plan also covers pre-existing conditions.
More information is available on their web page http://www.internationalcitizens.com  

Health Care International
A London based company wit 35 years experience on global heath care and risk management, Health Care International offers five different health plans from basic care to full coverage including prescriptions, apart from travel and life insurance as well as income protection. Contact information is available on their web page at http://www.healthcareinternational.com

Bupa International
Based in the UK, it has over 8 million members world wide and has won the Health Insurance Award several times in the past few years, currently named Best International Private Medical Insurer for 2008. They offer a Lifeline plan with three levels of coverage, Essential, Classic and Gold, with an optional coverage for the US, plus an Assistance cover for repatriation and evacuation. For more information, here is their web page http://www.bupa-intl.com

IHI Bupa
International Health Insurance Denmark now a branch of Bupa International has provided health insurance for expatriates since the 1970’s. Their current International Health and Hospital Plan is a basic inpatient cover that can be expanded to meet your needs with a choice of different modules; they can cover critical illnesses as well as pre-existing conditions. Apart from their international plans they offer six different medical care plans for Latin America which provide access to hospitals and doctors across the US, Latin America and the Caribbean. In addition to their health plans, IHI Bupa offers a 24/7 emergency service with their in-house medical center for assistance in case of illness and emergency, advice on health, medical treatments among other. Their regional office is located in Miami, Florida. For more information on services and plans provided by IHI Bupa visit: http://global.ihi.com/

Integra Global
Their two plans offer world wide expatriate and international health insurance, with an option to include or exclude U.S. and Canada in your coverage plan; featuring emergency evacuation, hospital admittance acceptance, preventive care and wellness benefits, maternity benefits, vision care, chronic conditions, in-patient and day-patient services to name some. Adding U.S. and Canada to the coverage area provides you access to the largest health network in North America which includes the leading U.S. hospitals. For information packages and brochures visit their web page at http://www.integraglobal.com

Goodhealth Worldwide 
Specializing in international health insurance, Goodhealth Worldwide is owned by Aetna Inc. and has 25 years of experience as an international insurance provider. They offer four different health plans that cover emergency evacuation and repatriation, in-patient and day-patient care, newborn care and premature birth, out patient care, among others. Their regional offices are located in Tampa Florida. For more information on the plans they offer visit their web page at http://www.goodhealthworldwide.com

It is always recommended to do your research when it comes to health and medical insurance, especially when living outside your country.

Written by Alejandra Esquivel 

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