Mega-Development on Percebu Lagoon South of San Felipe
Spanish investors from the Investment Corporation known as Inveravante, pitched their projects to Mayor Enrique Pelayo Torres, the current Ensenada Mayor, who promised his support if all the requirements are met.

Rancho PercebuENSENADA, B.C. Spanish investors are planning the construction of a mega-development for tourists in the grounds near Percebu Lagoon, in the northeast cost of Ensenada in waters from the High Gulf of California, just a few miles south of San Felipe.

The development project includes the construction of a hotel, a residential zone and a golf course, within an area of about 2,470 acres.
Manuel Rodríguez Gonzalez, spokesman for Inveravante, the company that is promoting the project, had a recent meeting with Ensenada’s Major Enrique Pelayo Torres and his peers for the presentation of the project.

Rodriguez Gonzalez explained that due to the beauty of the area and warm weather there is plenty of interest from Spain for that place and pointed out that the intention is to build it minimizing any environmental impact. He said that they’re currently in a pre-project phase and if they were to acquire all the permits for the authorities and meet all requirements and due diligences established by the Mexican authorities, they will proceed to direct inversion.

He said that there isn’t a specific amount for the investment, but there’s talk that it is a project that will be developed in the span of several years and different phases.
In the meeting, the city’s Major, expressed the support from his term for the arrival of investments to the region and offered to give all the necessary help to the Spanish Company as long as it keeps to the established regulations.

State Turism Secretariat, Juan Tintos Funcke, informed that this project has been supported by state authorities and San Felipe entrepreneurs for over a year now. He added that this investment proposal has already been presented to the State Governor José Guadalupe Osuna Millán, the Mexicali Mayor, Francisco Perez Tejada Padilla, and to representatives from the Mexican National Water Chamber, Infrastructure and Urban Development as also Environmental Protection.

This Mega-Tourism Development would be lacated en the norteast coast of Northern Baja California, in the Sea of Cortés, in the territory of the Ensenada Municipality, very close to San Felipe (less than 18 miles), in an area internationally known for its beauty and richness of floral and animal life both terrestrial and marine.
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