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Rosarito Medical Services

Rosarito Medical ServicesAs the city continues to grow so do the services it provides; along with the private practices and private hospitals that are located throughout Rosarito there are also the public hospitals and heath centers where you can get the attention you need in your language. The Red Cross does coordinate with Ambulances in San Diego in case a transfer across the border is needed.

Red Cross Organization – It has almost 600 members, all of whom speak english, and are extremely active in supporting the Hospital and ambulance services in the Rosarito Beach community. The Red Cross membership fee is $15.00 which helps with the everyday function. In addition to that they have several fund raising events through out the year such as the annual fashion show, gala ball, a ranch event and many more. Its primary source of income is the thrift shop, which welcomes donations of items such as toys, clothes, books and kitchen items. Any donations of medical supplies such as linens, diapers, medicines, etc. go directly to the hospital.

For monetary donations you can check their website www.cruzrojarosarito.org and click 'Procuración de Fondos', where it will tell you how to make your donation. Most important, the donations made to Rosarito Red Cross, STAY IN ROSARITO, helping to provide needed emergency services to Mexicans and Americans. You can also find information on volunteering and courses available.  In an emergency dial 132 free from any phone and Mexican cell phone carriers. Hospital General Rosarito – Inaugurated in 2006 by President Vicente Fox, it provides 24 hour year round service in the following specialties: surgery, anesthesiology, gynecology-obstetrics, internal medicine and pediatrics as well as out patient consults on, preventive medicine, odontology, labs, X- rays and emergency services.

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