Stock Market Got You Down? Consider Investing in Mexico Real Estate
Many of us who have investments in the U.S. stock market lost a few dollars over the past couple weeks.  But we are used to that, right?  If you have lost money this year, you may have lost even more back in late 1990’s when there was another significant tumble.

Investing in Mexico Real EstateI have heard from a number of people recently that are rethinking their investment strategies and are choosing to put their retirement nest egg into real estate as a long-term investment.  Yes, real estate also goes up and down but it always goes up again and over the life of a real estate investment, there is always a gain.

Let me give you an example.  If you had bought a condo in Calafia in Rosarito Beach 20 years ago, it would have cost you approximately $90,000.00  Today, the resale value of that original condo is now $ 180,000.00    And a spanking new condo in Tower III at Calafia, with the most luxurious amenities to date, are now priced at low $200,00’s

At Club Marena, a new ocean view condo 20 years ago would have cost $ 160,000 and today they sell for $320,000.  And at Las Gaviotas, where single-family homes are perched along an ocean cliff, homes priced at $300,000 today would have cost $ 100,000 thirty years ago.

Mexico Real estate is not only a valid long-term investment option but it is one that can be enjoyed month after month and year after year.  When was the last time you used one of your stock market investments as a vacation residence?

For a $250,000 investment in an oceanfront residence in Northern Baja, you can enjoy a weekend getaway for the rest of your life, a vacation spot for your kids and grandkids or a place to call home where 50,000 American expatriates now live and enjoy a cost of living 35 percent less than their friends in the states.  

Did you know that property taxes for a $250,000 home in Baja will be approximately $300 a year?  Compare this to a home in the states that might be taxed at $3,000 a year.

Did you know that you can live in luxury on the ocean for under $350,000 at Palacio del Mar.

The lower cost of living is just one reason to buy a home in Baja.  Investing in your future without the volatile fluctuations of the stock market is another. But living out your dreams along the peaceful Pacific Ocean trumps them all.
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