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Financing Options For Foreigners Buying Baja Real Estate
Now is the time to take advantage of newly sets of financing options for Foreign Nationals when planning to purchase of real estate in the Baja California region.

We at the Baja Real Estate Group have teamed up with one of the best options in real estate financing that allows for U.S. and Canadian Citizens get approved for a loan.

Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions:

Financing Options For Foreigners Buying Baja Real EstateCan I get financing in Mexico towards the purchase of a home even if I’m not a Mexican National?
Yes, whether you want to purchase a house, condo, lot or even if you’re planning to build your own dream home in Baja California, we can help you get financing, even if you’re not a Mexican National. But you do need to be either a U.S. or Canadian Citizen.

Do you provide the financing directly, who provides the financing?
No, we do not offer ‘in-house’ financing. Financing options are mainly provided through a Private Lender.

What financing options are available?
We can help you get financing mainly through a Private Lender, depending on your case and needs. Mexican Bank options are also available.

What are the general requirements?
  • Proof of Income
  • Las 3 month’s Pay Stubs
  • Last 3 month’s Bank Statements
  • Most recent filed W2 form
  • Most recent filed 10-40 form
  • US/Canadian credit report

How do I qualify for financing?
  • 35% - 50% Down payment towards the total purchasing price of the property.
  • As several scenarios are possible, reviews maybe done in a case-by-case basis.

What are the interest rates?
Through our Private Lender company the interest rate is 9.9% annually over a 10 year term. Other interest rates may be available depending on the term.

How long is the financing term?
Through our Private Lender company the financing term is usually 10 years with no balloon payments.

What is the currency used for the loan?
As it is a Mexican loan by a Mexican company the legal currency is the MEXICAN PESO (MXN).

How fast can I get approved?
Provided all documentation is presented, approvals can be as fast as within 3 working days.

How can I get more information or make an inquiry?
You can send your questions and write all your personal inquiries using the form on the <--left.
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