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News and Articles on the Baja lifestyle, retirement and real estate in Baja California and Mexico

We like to show you some nice articles written about Baja from third party sources across the web. You will also find interesting stories about American retiring to Mexico, the places they retiring to and the reasons behind them.  From whale stories to surfing you will see what is like to live in Baja from people who are already residents. There are also news reports from ABC and FOX about the cost of living in Mexico and assisted living for American retirees.

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The International Move Shipping Your Household Goods to Mexico - Michael Parker-Stainback
Shipping Your Household Goods to Mexico I'd pulled the trigger and was moving to Mexico. I'd soothed over my mother's concerns, informed my New York landlady, and rented an apartment in Mexico City. Then I started looking around my old place. The library I'd accumulated over the years was absolutely emigrating. And I couldn't leave behind those 1500 vinyl LPs-they were part of an ongoing "art" project. Life without my gorgeous set of mismatched plates bought at the Salvation Army? You get the picture: I decided to bring it all with me.
Tips For Renting Property In The Current Economic Climate - by Michael Hanna
Tips For Renting Property In The Current Economic Climate A recent study by the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) has been looking into the increasing trend for home owners to rent out rather than sell their properties.Fuelled on by the dramatically decreased house prices and the difficulty that many potential buyers are having in acquiring mortgages many would be sellers of property are instead looking to rent out their properties instead.
Is it Safe to go to Mexico? - By Candace Jackson, The Wall Street Journal
Mexican Beach In Los cabos Tourism has suffered as drug-related violence across the border has surged. But canceling a vacation to Los Cabos or the Mayan Riviera may not be necessary. Teresa Bitler thought about spending Easter this year lounging on the beach in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, with her husband and two daughters. Then she changed her mind. "We heard about the drug violence down there," says Ms. Bitler, who lives near Phoenix. She envisioned the 4½-hour drive, much of it through vast stretches of empty Mexican desert. Instead, the family is going to Disneyland this weekend.
Shoppers stretch their dollars in Mexico - By Hiram Soto - Enlace Staff Writer (video)
Shoppers stretch their dollars in Mexico Tomatoes for 31 cents a pound. New York strip steak at $3.26 a pound. A big box of Kellogg's cereal? That will set you back $1.70. Groceries in Tijuana have always been less expensive than across the border, but the peso's recent slide means shoppers paying with dollars can rack up bigger savings. The San Diego Union-Tribune compared the price of a dozen items at Calimax, a leading supermarket in Tijuana, and at the Ralphs in Hillcrest. The items – including bread, beef, diapers and some fruits and vegetables – cost 60 percent less in Tijuana.
How to buy Mexican real estate using Bank trust, "Fideicomiso" By Tom Budniak
How to buy Mexican real estate using Bank trust, Mexico Real Estate is always in high demand especially among American citizens. But there are some laws that any foreigner interested in buying Real Estate in Mexico should be familiar with. Though under Mexican law, foreigners may obtain direct ownership of Mexican property in the interior of Mexico, foreigners cannot acquire direct ownership of residential property within the area 100.
How Americans are Stretching Their Money South of the Border in Baja California, Mexico
By Alejandra Esquivel - Press Release

How Americans are Stretching Their Money South of the Border in Baja California, Mexico Americans struggling with the economy are finding relief south of the border. The overall lower cost of living, affordable beach front housing, lower property taxes as well as proximity and accessibility to US services, have made Baja California a preferred choice for relocation among retirees and families alike.
Spring Travelers Detour From Baja - Union Tribune
Spring Travelers Detour From Baja The student volunteers are here, in T-shirts and jeans, wielding hammers and trowels. They've arrived from as far as Ohio, Alaska and British Columbia to spend nights in tents and days on work projects in some of the city's poorest neighborhoods. As reports of drug-related violence prompt cancellations in Baja California's traditional spring break destinations, volunteer groups are coping with their own falling numbers on projects across the state.
Come to Visit Stay To Live - North Baja Coast (video)
Come to Visit Stay To Live Video about Baja California and the foreigners who come to visit and stay to live. You will find several testimonials from Americans who have fallen in love with this beautiful corner of the world. From American retirees living the Baja lifestyle to second home owners who year after year keep coming back. If you are considering moving, retirement or purchasing a second home for vacation or investment you will find this video very informative.
Americans Moving to Mexico in Droves - ABC News Reprt (video)
Americans Moving to Mexico in Droves - Moving to Mexico This video was released by ABC news. It shows why so many Americans are moving to Mexico. From ideal real estate prices compared to Florida or California, to a much affordable cost of living. Americans living in Mexico are interviewed on grocery prices, property taxes and even concern about an in-flux of Americans moving south of the border risking the flavor of the lifestyle. A very informational video about Americans migrating to Mexico.
Mexico - still the world’s best retirement haven - by the staff of International Living
mexico_is_retirement_haven.jpg For the second year running, Mexico wins our annual Global Retirement Index. Mexico Is Still the World's Best Retirement Haven with rapidly rising fuel, health care, food, and travel costs, it’s nice to know there are still places where you can live well without burning through your retirement nest-egg. And Mexico is one of those special places. In Mexico, you can still enjoy a lifestyle that’s probably all but unaffordable for most people in the U.S. and Canada.
Spouting Off About Recovery Of Gray Whales - by Susan Scott
Spouting Off About Recovery Of Gray Whales SANTA ROSALIA, BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR, Mexico » Each year, around 20,000 gray whales migrate, round trip, an astonishing 12,000 miles between the Bering Sea and Mexico. These whales have such a friendly nature, some individual whales let people pet them.  And the species' population recovery in the Pacific is complete. In 1993, gray whales were officially removed from the endangered species list.
Buying Rosarito Real Estate and Enjoying the Mexican Lifestyle - By Melinda Bates
Buying Rosarito Real Estate and Enjoying the Mexican Lifestyle If you’re thinking about or have already taken the plunge into buying Rosarito real estate, you’ve already proven yourself an unusual person.  Let’s face it - moving to Baja California Norte, Mexico, is not at all the same thing as moving to, say, Florida or Arizona to retire.  Both those places have plenty of sunshine, and Florida has beautiful beaches (and humidity and bugs, but that’s another article).
New Consulting Services For Development Of Senior Living Projects In Mexico - by Serena Senior Care
New Consulting Services For Development Of Senior Living Projects In Mexico February 3, 2009 Rosarito, B.C., Mexico.- Serena Senior Care announces new consulting services for new Senior Living developments in Mexico. The new services are focused on providing strategic advice to investors looking to serve the growing Senior Living market in Mexico, considering that an estimated 1.1 million US retirees live there today, and that in the next 15 years it will grow up to 10 million.
Mexico Real Estate: Is it going to be a Buyer’s Market in 2009? - Press Release
Mexico Real Estate: Is it going to be a Buyer’s Market in 2009? “Is it a buyers market in Mexico Real Estate for the semester of 2009?” This projection is being questioned throughout many channels of communication. But as people review closer the market conditions and interview brokers throughout the Mexico real estate industry, the interpretation of the market projections becomes interesting. The sellers who are placing discounts in their pricing and urgencies on their advertising are made up of mainly Mexican Foreigners placing their second homes on the market.
 Affordable Assisted Living In Mexico - ABC News Report (video)
Affordable Assisted Living In Mexico For millions of Baby Boomers facing retirement in the United States just as their retirement funds have been depleted and with assisted living being a top concern, they're looking south of the border for a surprisingly affordable solution. ABC news aired an article on this important matter on January 27, 2009. With ABC's New Reporter Jeffrey Kofman, they presented a story of two American retirees coping with retirement in need of assisted living finding their solution in Mexico.
Baja Residents Enjoy Front Row Seat To View This Year's Extraordinary Whale Migration - By Julia Simms
Baja residents enjoy Front Row Seat To View This Year's Extraordinary Whale Migration 2009 Baja Gray Whale MigrationThis year’s whale-watching season is looking to be better than most. Earlier this month, marine researchers and tour guides off the central California coast reported unusually large numbers of humpback whales and orcas along with increased grey whale caravan sightings. In one report, a researcher in Monterey Bay Aquarium called it "stunning."
U.S. Retirees Predicted To Outlive Their Financial Assets - By Northwest Retirement Magazine
U.S. Retirees Predicted To Outlive Their Financial Assets Calafia Condos Attracting Retirees - CALAFIA, Baja California – The American dream of never-ending prosperity has been shattered. According to a study recently released by Americans for Secure Retirement, retirees in California, Texas, Illinois and New York will have to lower their standard of living by 23 to 28 percent just to make sure they don’t run out of money before they die.
Lower Cost Of Living Draws American Retirees to Mexico - FOX News Alert (video)
Lower cost of living draws American retirees to Mexico In the last couple of months we have been reading more and more articles about Retirees moving to Rosarito Beach, northern Baja area. Many looking for  Ocean front Lifestyle at a fraction of the price found any where in the US and much less then many other popular areas of Mexico. One of the main reason Americans are flocking to this region, is its proximity to the San Diego US border.
Mexico's Growing Assisted-Living Market Targets U.S. Retirees - By Laurence Iliff
Mexico's growing assisted-living market targets U.S. retirees SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE, Mexico – Laredo native Alice Edwards and her helicopter pilot husband have an active lifestyle in this picturesque town popular among retired Texans.  But the 60-somethings are also the new owners of a townhouse in Mexico's first assisted-living development aimed at the U.S. market, Cielito Lindo. US Retirees in MexicoWith 75 million baby boomers heading toward retirement and the cost of private nursing care in the U.S. outstripping hammered retirement funds, Mexican developers say they have an irresistible product in the works.
The Truth About Retirement In Mexico - By Northwest Retirement Magazine
The Truth About Retirement In Mexico Retirement In Mexico. When we think about retirement in Mexico we consider these issues: Climate, accessibility for family and friends, affordability, safety, good medical care and a community of English speaking residents.  Ensenada is located in the State of Baja California, Mexico about 75 miles south of the California border. It has been popular with U.S. expatriates retirees for years. The cost of living is roughly one half of the U.S. average and that is why there are nearly 20,000 expatriates living there currently.
Rosarito Medical Services - By Alejandra Esquivel
medical_services_in_rosarit.jpg As the city continues to grow so do the services it provides; along with the private practices and private hospitals that are located throughout Rosarito there are also the public hospitals and heath centers where you can get the attention you need in your language. The Red Cross does coordinate with Ambulances in San Diego in case a transfer across the border is needed.
El Viaje de Baja - Baja Traveler (names were changed to protect the surf)
El Viaje de Baja - A Surf Story We begin our travels from San Diego unusually late due to surfing our local break early in the morning. After crossing the border, we noticed the conditions remain good for another go out.  It is glassy, and uncrowded, this swell being a combination of south and northwest.  We stop at one of our favorite spots south of Rosarito.  My two friends paddle out their short boards; I decide to paddle out my stand up paddleboard.  We have a great session, waves head high plus.
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