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Receiving Your U.S. Mail in a U.S. Address in Mexico

Receiving USA Mail in a USA Address in MexicoIt is possible to receive your U.S. mail with out having to go across the border every week; Click-On.Com in Rosarito will do it for you.

Their mailbox service offers you a P.O. Box for your mail and a street address for your FEDEX, UPS, etc. packages plus their Mexico street address in case you want all your mail in one place. They will also take your mail across.  

Their driver leaves at 9:15 am Monday, Wednesday and Friday

On each of these days they also offer Bank Errands and Postal Errands – Overnights, Priority Mail, Certified – most services for documents that you will find in the US Post office, as well as, UPS, FedEx and DHL services. 

Since the border policies are being enforced more strictly, they are no longer allowed to take packages across to the USA.  The “powers that be” tell them that it is against the law to “declare” for another person.

For more services and rates go to their website www.bajasclick-on.com
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