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San Felipe

San Felipe Baja CaliforniaSan Felipe is a port of the Mexicali municipality in Baja California, Mexico. It is localized within the 31º01'39" N and the 114º50'07" W coordinates. It’s mostly known for being a tourist destiny due to the warm beaches of el Mar De Cortez.

Its population, according to the 2005 census, stands at 14,831.

In the 1930’s it was considered just a dock, as the population at that time was of only 287. Around 1939, it was registered as a fishing mart, and the population stood at 427 in 1940. In 1980, with 6197 inhabitants, it was given the category of port.

San Felipe is a point of international interest, being 200 km from the Mexico – U.S. border. The tourism arriving to the port, generally comes from the American States of California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington and from the Tijuana, Tecate, Mexicali and San Luis Rio Colorado municipalities. Occasionally, there can be seen Canada tourists that come from British Columbia and Alberta.
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