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Telephony in Baja

In these days we are so used to having a phone in our house or with us wherever we go that we take it for granted, but it is one of the things to have on your mind when you are considering buying in Baja. Here are some options for your communications needs. Remember to dial to the U.S. you must dial 001 + area code + number To call U.S. toll free numbers:
 U.S. Toll Free Number
001 + 880 + number
888 001 + 881 + number
877 001 + 882 + number
Public Phones
Telephony In BajaIt is recommended that at all possible you avoid using the blue phones that let you charge the call to your credit card to call long distance collect; even though the local rates seem reasonable the rates to calls to the U.S. and Canada are not so.

Telnor has public payphones all around Rosarito and although most of them do not accept coins you can buy pre-paid Telnor Phone cards at most pharmacies, money exchange houses, some stores and in the telnor offices’ vending machine in 30, 50 and 100 peso credit.

Land Lines
Telnor is the company that offers land lines in Baja California you can go to their offices or call toll free 01 800 025 2525 from any Mexican phone.

When calling long distance from land lines Telnor has special rates:
   Time  M  T  W  T F
 S  S
 National Calls
 8:00 to 19:59 hrs  Normal Fare  
 20:00 to 7:59 hrs
 50% Fare reduction
 U.S. and Canada 0:00 to 6:59 hrs
7:00 to 16:59 hrs  Normal Fare    
17:00 to18:59 hrs    N.F
19:00 to 23:59 hrs 33% Fare reduction
Telnor also offer several packages that include special rates for national and international long distance, for more information visit their website www.telnor.com go to hogar then to larga distancia for more information.

Voice over IP Service for your Long Distance Calling
There are several options for this service if you already have internet in your home some of which are BroadVoice, Lingo, Vonage, and Skype to name a few with packages starting from $19.95 some requiring an activation fee. Go online for more information.

The call back system (Call to the U.S. for less than 20¢ a minute)
There are different call back system services and they offer good rates. Some offer the service for a low monthly fee.  You need to go on the internet and find out more about this system to see if it suits you. 

Cellular Phones
Will my mobile phone work in Mexico? Chances are it will, but the suggestion is that you contact your carrier to ask about service in Mexico and for plans for international phone calls while you are here, because even though you may get service, rates for international calls and send/receive messages can be very expensive. When buying a home, if you plan on using only your U.S. mobile phone (no land line) make sure the area is not a dead zone.
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