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Written by Alejandra Esquivel   

Traveling To Baja

Traveling to BajaDriving to Baja
When driving from San Diego to Rosarito you can easily get there by either the Free road (Carretera Libre) or the Toll Road (Carretera Cuota) just remember that slow traffic keeps to the right.

The car toll on the Carretera Cuota is currently 26 pesos or around 2.00 dlls depending on the exchange rate. The receipt you get is your insurance receipt in case of an accident while driving on the Toll road so keep it. You also have emergency telephone lines located every mile alternating sides along the road and emergency services such as the ANGELES VERDES (Green Angeles) who can reach you in case of a mishap or accident by dialing 078.

If you don’t want to worry about change for the toll or long lines on rush our or holidays there is the IAVE card or sticker, similar to the California Fast Track System where they charge your credit card and you get a fast an no fuzz drive.

For more information on the IAVE system you can stop by the toll gate office right by the toll booths or you can call them at (01152) 664-680-6212, or 664-680-6213, or the Mexican toll free number 01-800-00 824 4283.

Important driving tip - When driving on the free road and you want to make a left turn, if you have incoming traffic on your rear view mirror, pull to the right shoulder and wait for traffic to clear before making a left turn, or you can continue until you reach nearest return.
- Auto Insurance in Mexico -
Having Mexican Auto Insurance is very important; if you already have auto insurance make sure that it has liability coverage for Mexico to at least $100,000 dollars, the reason is that if you get into an accident you are liable for damages and your car can be impounded until fault is found or damages paid. If you are not sure your insurance is valid in Mexico, call your agent and be sure to ask if they cover physical damages.

If you need to buy Mexican insurance, plan ahead, if you can shop around, you can probably get Mexican insurance for less than $15.00 a day, but you must make sure that it is a Combine Single Limit (some companies may split the limits i.e. 40/80/40, which means per person/per occurrence for bodily injury/physical damage) covering Civil Liability and Physical Damages (this in case your U.S. insurance does not cover damages in Mexico). There are also packages for 6 or 12 month coverage.

Remember that guns and firearms are illegal in Mexico
- Gasoline -
Mexican authorities try to maintain a balance in the prices of gasoline so you can expect the price to be around that of the U.S. You can find Pemex Stations all around Rosarito but remember that on long U.S. holiday weekends there are more tourist and more demand. As always is a good idea to plan ahead and come prepared, you don’t want to be running on empty and have the first station you see with a long line of cars waiting.

- Public Transportation -
There are many cabs and calafias (smaller than a bus) servicing the Rosarito and Tijuana area; the cream and yellow vans take you from downtown Rosarito to downtown Tijuana and in between, the green striped vans will take you from downtown Rosarito to Otay passing by the Tijuana Bus Terminal and in between, they cost from 8 to 15 pesos depending to where you get of, the other colored vans and calafias give local routed service, for local downtown Rosarito service the cost is 7 pesos for calafias and 8 for cabs, service to Primo Tapia and Puerto Nuevo is also available you can ask any cab driver for information or you can call the Transit and Transport office at 612-4716. Non rout taxi service is also available, these are the all yellow and the green and white cabs, and they will take you anywhere you want to go.
Green and White Eco Taxis – 612-4645
Yellow Eco Taxi – 614-3200

- Bus Services to Rosarito -
If you don’t want to drive to Rosarito there are several ways to get here, you can take the Suburbaja Bus or the yellow and cream cabs located in downtown Tijuana, or you can take a shuttle service, the most known is MEXICOACH which offers departures from San Ysidro to Tijuana or all the way to Rosarito, prices rage from $4.00 dollars to $20 for round trip. Visit www.mexicoach.com and click on Rosarito, then Times and Rates.
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