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Date: 2009-09-24 15:30:05
Resilient Tourism Market Sustains Demand for Mexic

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Paying For Traffic TicketsBaja Traveler Tip: Paying For Traffic Tickets
Since Mayor Hugo Torres took office his efforts to boost tourism in Rosarito have been non-stop, with one of his administration’s objectives to make the tourist feel safe...
Resilient Tourism Market Sustains Demand for Mexican Resort Homes

Resilient Tourism Market Sustains Demand for Mexican Resort HomesThings are looking up for Mexico's economy. Reports show that Americans are once again traveling to Mexico and local experts say the second-home market south of the border appears to be rebounding while the lower cost of living remains a powerful incentive for retirees.

For the hundreds of thousands of North Americans living there, Mexico is a paradise. The lower cost of living, slower, simpler yet adventurous lifestyle has, over the years, convinced former tourists from the U.S. and Canada to buy a home of their own and stay. Learn more...

Further Down the Road - An American Surfer's Story
Further down the road.- As seen on Surfing Magazine
September's 2009 issue -
We always cross at dawn. Something about these twilight hours invokes deeper thought, makes us feel more alive. The gripping sight of Tijuana blistering a smoldering canvas of purples and pinks. The stark black silhouette of the distant mountain. The border approaching. To get insurance or not? It's cheap for the old truck. If it goes adios, we might actually come out on top. We've even thought about making it go adios - leaving it with some fisherman deep down. But money hasn't gotten that tight yet.
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It’s wine festival time on La Ruta del Vino
- From our blogs - It’s wine festival time on La Ruta del VinoOne hour south of Tijuana, there’s a magical place that for 120 years has captured the flavor of this land. It’s called La Ruta del Vino (The Wine Route), a road that starts in El Sauzal, outside of Ensenada, and connects to the valleys of Guadalupe, San Antonio de las Minas and Calafia, wine-producing regions where almost 250 producers grow grapes. Learn more...

Vendimia Golf Open At BajamarVendimia Golf Open at Bajamar
On Friday August 14, Bajamar will host a Golf tournament that will benefit the Baja Scholarship Foundation, a nonprofit 501 C3, provides education to high potential, “at risk” children in Baja California. Children are from needy families that could not otherwise support a scholastic education. ...
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