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Date: 2009-06-10 12:34:14
Affordable Retirement Living In Mexico

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Affordable Retirement Living In Mexico - Upgrade your lifestyle
Affordable Retirement Living in MexicoFor millions of Baby Boomers facing retirement in the United States just as their retirement funds have been depleted and with assisted living being a top concern, they're looking south of the border for a surprisingly affordable solution.

ABC news aired an article on this important matter on January 27, 2009. With ABC's New Reporter Jeffrey Kofman, they presented a story of two American retirees coping with retirement in need of assisted living finding their solution in Mexico. Follow this link to see the video.

Calafia Condos Resort & VillasOverall, The cost of living in Mexico is about 30 percent less than in the U.S. Most everything is less expensive,” said Bob Dawson who moved to Mexico 13 years ago from Orange County, Calif., with his wife Carol. “The food is good too. In fact, just the other day I bought a delicious thick rib eye steak for only $5. The ocean water is clean, the weather is warm and it is quite easy and inexpensive to rent a boat for a day excursion.”

Mexico’s strong currency and tax benefits added with the minimal cost of living, creates the best retreat for keeping a standard of living that is simply no longer found in the United States. Calafia Condos Resort and Villas is a resort beach community on the Pacific Coast of Baja California guarded by 24-hour security. Just south of the historic city of Rosarito Beach and only 30 minutes south of the San Diego border

Palacio Del Mar - Resort LivingMany Americans have already upgraded their lifestyle at Palacio Del Mar for a fraction of the cost for the same condo in La Jolla in San Diego. A luxurious community that is amenity driven has just delivered their first completed units. The nearby town of Rosarito is home to charming shops, restaurants, clubs, art galleries, golf courses and more. And Baja’s famed wine country is only a 20-minute drive away from Palacio Del Mar.


Baby Boomers
Expanding Your Market.

After 18 years of doing business in Mexico, I have learned that in Real Estate it is the people and the investment that make the difference.

Currently we represent the two strongest developments on the coast of Northern Baja. We use escrow services, title and completion bonds much similar to U.S. transactions.

It’s never been a better time to expand your market knowledge into Baja. As an Agent I appreciate referrals and expertise. For your referral I’m offering you my expertise. Please contact me for referral fee information.

Kathy Katz - Owner | Broker - Baja Real Estate Group
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