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Date: 2009-06-10 12:37:14
Community Update - Baja Real Estate Group

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Community Update - Baja Real Estate Group

Join Our Efforts
Baja California and Rosarito are getting slammed by bad press from the United States media. Reports of exaggerated and misleading content revolving around security and drug related issues are having a disastrous economic impact in our region. This is affecting locals and foreign residents alike who run business here or have made Baja their home.

We urge you to take part in our efforts to show how distorted these reports are thus, helping your fellow citizens, both local and foreign.

Rosarito.org Needs Your Support

Logo FideicomisoDear Rosarito Friends:

We will need quotes/comments/experiences from you to start a section in the www.rosarito.org website.

Some might be used in our videos or ads to promote the city. All must be positive regarding why you think Baja is safe –or- Why you think Baja is a great place to live.

All quotes must be send to gilberto@rosarito.org

Thank you all.

Lic. Laura Wong
Rosarito Conventions and Visitors Bureau

- President -

You can see a sample of other people's video statements by going to the CONVIS (COTUCO) website:

Expatriates On Security
Here are some videos from local American expatriates commenting on security and how they feel living in Baja California. Clicking on the picture will take you to our site to see the videos.

Expatriates On Security

If you are a foreign resident living in the Rosarito area and would like to contribute with your statement or relocation story, send us an email to schedule a video interview.

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