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Date: 2009-06-10 12:38:32
Calafia Residents enjoying the Baja lifestyle

CALAFIA - Condos & Villas - Isn't it time you grabbed life... BY THE WATER?
Isn't it about time you grbbed life... BY THE WATER?

Calafia Residents still enjoying the Baja lifestyle

Gray Whale VideoThe whale migration season is almost over and Calafia residents have enjoyed watching them right from their living room. There is still time to watch the whales pass by throughout the month of March; and with spring right around the corner this is a perfect time to come for a visit and take in a little Baja sun.

We know it may not be easy to program a trip in these economic times, when it becomes harder to find where to cut costs in order to stretch our money, things we love and have gotten used to, are often the first to be eliminated like going out to watch a movie, dining out with friends or the monthly trip to the salon. Calafia residents have long ago discovered that the cost of living is 30 to 40 percent less than in the US. The purchasing power of the US dollar has risen significantly in Mexico since the beginning of the year, allowing American retirees to continue their lifestyle with out drawing from their savings.

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